EOR Data Analysis

Each EOR process needs to be accurately represented in a compositional simulator. In addition, the upscaling process from core to wellbore to reservoir has to honor small-scale experimental data and effectively model the entire reservoir. EOR simulation and upscaling techniques are constantly developing and are an active field of research.

Fluid Laboratory Services

Precision measurements and expert interpretations of hydrocarbon phase behavior and fluid properties.

ECLIPSE Compositional Simulator

Multicomponent reservoir fluid description for compositional changes associated with depth, condensates, or volatile crude oils, gas injection programs, and secondary recovery studies.

ECLIPSE Industry Reference Reservoir Simulator

Black oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline reservoir simulation.

INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator

Scalable reservoir simulation for representative modeling of geology and wells—enabling uncompromised field management and planning.

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Questions about EOR: How can more oil be flushed out from rock pores?
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