Pilot Design

Define & control parameters for economical and rapid EOR implementation

Pilot programs are designed to provide key insights into controlling parameters and must be economical and quickly implemented. There is always a tradeoff in pilot project size, from within a single wellbore, to multiwell, and on to small fields. Smaller projects are faster and less expensive, but are limited in spatial extent. Most projects use some combination of scales to obtain the required confidence in scaled-up full-field implementation.

MicroPilot Single-Well In Situ EOR Evaluation

First CO2 EOR Pilot in the Middle East

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Successful Evaluation of EOR MicroPilot Using MDT Tester

MDT tester for EOR MicroPilot evaluation
Using the sample chambers as carrying tanks and the cased hole drilling module to access the reservoir, the highly modular MDT tester delivers rapid, accurate, and scalable EOR evaluation results. Visit MicroPilot Evaluation page

CO2 EOR Pilot Project

Schematic of map of the field showing the area currently under production
The first CO2 EOR pilot project in the Middle East—unique because the CO2 flood was implemented with the reservoir at original oil saturation.
Visit CO2 EOR pilot project page