Monitoring EOR

High-resolution wireline logging services, permanent downhole sensors, and time-lapse seismic surveys enable you to monitor the progress of fluid fronts and changes in hydrocarbon saturations as a function of time. With frequent, regular monitoring of the reservoir response, the effectiveness of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques can be gauged and parameters fine-tuned to optimize production. The scope of measurements ranges from near-wellbore volumes to the space between wells up to 1,000 m apart to reservoir scale.

Reservoir scale

4D Seismic Technology 

The time-lapse, or 4D, seismic method involves repeated seismic surveys over the field to determine the changes occurring in the reservoir as a result of injection or hydrocarbon production. A typical final processing product is a time-lapse difference dataset.

Interwell scale

Deep Reading with DeepLook-EM Service 

Direct physical measurements of the interwell volume enable an understanding of fluid fronts and saturations that is critical to optimizing EOR projects . 

Single-well scale

RSTPro Reservoir Saturation Tool

Pulsed neutron technology determines reservoir saturation, lithology, porosity, and borehole fluid profiles.

WellWatcher Monitoring Systems

The most advanced permanent downhole gauges and sensors, integrated with surface data communication, allow remote monitoring of wells and reservoirs in real time. Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) provides a temperature profile over the entire length of the wellbore, for monitoring injection and production performance.

Openhole single-well monitoring

Dielectric Scanner 

Dielectric Scanner service accurately quantifies residual hydrocarbon volume with a direct measurement of water volume, constructing an accurate radial profile of the close-borehole region.

MR Scanner

MR Scanner expert magnetic resonance service uses multiple depths of investigation to provide radial profiling of oil and water volumes and saturations in a single pass, together with direct hydrocarbon characterization.

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PhaseTester Equipment Across the Life of Your Field

PhaseTester equipment for the life of your EOR field
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