EOR Screening

Reservoir data screened to select optimal EOR method

The screening process begins with gathering as much reservoir data as possible and developing a coherent package to compare with the screening criteria for various EOR methods. After narrowing the choices, the evaluation moves into the laboratory to investigate rock and fluid properties, and to conduct flow studies. Engineers and geoscientists use the available data to develop updated static and dynamic reservoir models, and to simulate the effects of different EOR methods in order to choose the optimum one.

Modeling & Simulation

Expert Services for EOR

Collaborate with integrated, multidomain teams of experts who use their global experience in EOR projects to help you evaluate feasibility and implement efficient, economical solutions.

Fluid Lab Services

Select optimal recovery and production techniques with expert interpretations of phase behavior and fluid properties. Services include a complete suite of studies required in the engineering of miscible gas injection, waterflood, and water-alternating-gas (WAG) projects.

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EOR Screening Software

EOR modeling and simulation
More than 2,700 EOR field examples and technologies worldwide are evaluated with regard to the current scenario, and solutions are screened and ranked by potential profitability.
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