Modeling & Simulation

Plan reservoir strategy & recovery before the pilot phase

Advanced software and services help you plan reservoir strategy and recovery with increased confidence for maximum return. Major unknowns, such as formation heterogeneity, are evaluated using multiple iterations of the simulator with different model parameters. You can compare expected supply costs and project economics with the base case of continued production without enhanced oil recovery (EOR). If the simulation indicates that the project meets technical and financial requirements, then it can be used to design the next stage—pilot projects.

Reservoir Simulation Software for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Sophisticated reservoir simulation software helps select the best EOR technique for the unique properties of the reservoir, and design strategies to overcome technical challenges. An accurate reservoir model is important for understanding the dynamic behavior of downhole fluids and for optimizing production. Three-phase, 3D simulations model all modern EOR technologies including CO2 injection, water and miscible-solvent gas injection, the widest variety of thermal recovery processes, and alkali-surfactant-polymers (ASPs). Simulators can be customized to your needs.

4D Reservoir Geomechanics

Services to study geomechanical behavior over time help optimize thermal recovery, and underground natural gas and carbon dioxide storage facilities.

Petroleum Economics, Risk & Reserves

A full suite of economics, planning, and reserves management software enables better business decisions with minimal risk.

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Geomechanical Analysis Delivered by EOR Experts

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Work with Schlumberger experts to simulate the full spectrum of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods and study geomechanical behavior.
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