Oil and Gas Exploration

Overview Background

Understanding petroleum systems to reduce uncertainty

Two out of three of today’s frontier exploration wells are not successful in meeting their original objectives because of unexpected geology or unanticipated hazards. These issues may significantly increase the cost of finding hydrocarbons and challenge a project’s economic viability. Development of new workflows and processes to better understand the petroleum system of an area, and improvement and development of new seismic imaging and processing techniques help to reduce the uncertainty of exploration.

Schlumberger technologies, innovative workflows, proven software, and technical experts help our clients to better characterize exploration uncertainty. With an improved understanding of the geology of their prospective areas exploration teams can extract maximum value from their exploration investment.

Play Identification & Evaluation

Lead and Prospect Assessment

A suite of measurements and/or technical studies designed to identify leads and prospects, and to determine whether the technical and commercial risks justify drilling a first well.

Prospect Appraisal

Once an initial well has identified a working petroleum system with the discovery of hydrocarbons, further work will involve integrating the measurements to generate a comprehensive reservoir model.

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Collaborate—From Exploration to First Oil

Expert services for Exploration
Our new technologies and cross-team partnerships improve results of modeling and interpretation, complement local knowledge and expertise, and reduce cycle times—increasing probability of success in reserves replacement.
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Integrated Services Manages Deepwater Project, Offshore French Guiana

Exploration Appraisal
Integrated Services successfully manages remote, logistically and technically challenging operation revealing 72 m of net oil.
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