The First Formation Evaluation

Overview Technologies

While-drilling and wireline-conveyed services for high-quality data to define specific reservoir features.

While drilling

Formation Evaluation

Schlumberger advanced LWD services acquire high-quality data for geosteering and formation evaluation. Reservoir evaluation is facilitated using measurements of petrophysical properties, including resistivity- and imaging-while-drilling.

Borehole Seismic

Q-Borehole integrated seismic system delivers traditional borehole seismic measurements, real-time checkshots, and interval velocity data to reduce uncertainty ahead of the bit.

Fluid Logging and Analysis in Real Time

Hydrocarbons extracted from the drilling mud at surface can be continuously analyzed to provide early information on formation fluid composition and can be integrated with data obtained by other formation evaluation techniques.

Formation Pressure-While-Drilling Measurements

Formation pressure-while-drilling prevents time lost due to drilling pressure-depleted formations and helps preserve virgin pressure zones scheduled for sidetrack development or completion.

Wireline conveyed

Formation Evaluation

A variety of services are available to image depositional features and to define important reservoir geometries and petrophysical reservoir parameters.

Borehole Imaging

Visualizing sedimentary features lets you define important reservoir geometries and petrophysical reservoir parameters. Geomechanical applications include fracture identification, stress analysis, and borehore stability determination.

Borehole Seismic

Combined with surface seismic data, borehole seismic surveys can help calibrate results and improve your predictions, as well as image specific reservoir features around and below the borehole.

Characterize Reservoir Fluids

Determine fluid properties in different reservoir zones to describe the entire reservoir system, giving a better understanding of zonal connectivity.

Quicksilver Probe Technique Saves USD 24 Million

Oil and Gas Exploration Formation Evaluation
Downhole analysis in real time is used to obtain multiple oil and formation water samples.
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NeoScope Sourceless Service Saves USD 500,000 in Offshore Exploration Well

Oil and Gas Exploration Formation Exploration
Sourceless technology eliminates need for chemical sources in an offshore high-pressure, high-temperature sedimentary basin made up of tight carbonates.
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