Play Identification & Evaluation

Integrated exploration services

The initial objective of exploration is to maximize knowledge of the basin and determine if there are any plays present that justify further information gathering and assessment. Integrating petroleum systems analysis and seismic data acquisition, processing,  and interpretation can provide the clearest picture of the subsurface and the probability of hydrocarbons.

Schlumberger delivers exploration answer products, which provide the subsurface information needed to help assess the hydrocarbon potential of acreage available in license and concession rounds. 

Exploration Licensing

Our multiclient data library provides information on areas of interest in the world’s major hydrocarbon basins. For planning, risks and reserves management, the Merak suite of petroleum economics software is the industry standard for modeling oil and gas projects.

High-Grading Prospects

Seismic and complementary measurements (controlled-source electromagnetics or magnetotellurics), combined with 3D gravity measurements, may help to identify hydrocarbons. Integrating this information with applicable analog data from known fields helps to identify optimal well locations.

Exploration Expert Services

Petroleum systems and basin studies answer critical questions about source rock presence and maturity, migration pathways and reservoir rocks, and seal and trap integrity. Geological, structural, and seismic integration are key to carrying out the best possible interpretation of the available data.

Risk Management

Successful exploration involves understanding a prospect’s uncertainties and managing the risks. Key activities involve the evaluation of existing seismic data, identification of potential plays and prospects, and the ranking of the prospect portfolio.

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Integration of Imaging and Modeling Reduces Risk

Oil and Gas Exploration Play, Identification and Evaluation
Schlumberger and IPEX have integrated several imaging and modeling technologies to successfully predict oil and gas accumulations offshore Brazil. Read industry article

Exploration Steps

Seismic Exploraton Steps
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