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Redefining collaboration in exploration

A significant amount of geological, structural, and seismic interpretation and analysis must be completed during exploration to define the optimal drilling location, prove the working petroleum system, and verify the viability of the prospect. Complex geology, uncertainties in the petroleum system elements, and narrow drilling windows must be quantified.

We are focused to help you reduce uncertainty and risks through collaboration. Our new technologies and cross-team partnerships improve the results of modeling and interpretation, complement local knowledge and expertise, and reduce cycle times—increasing probability of success in reserves replacement.

These collaborative models are designed to assess the expertise and technology integration necessary to meet your specific challenges through custom-designed solutions. By complementing each other’s capabilities, we eliminate duplication of efforts, facilitate technology transfer, and work towards jointly defined goals.

Multiclient exploration services

With more than 40 years of experience in seismic data acquisition, processing, and imaging, we have leveraged advanced expertise and technology to create the industry’s most comprehensive 2D and 3D multiclient seismic data library and data integration projects which cover the world's major hydrocarbon basins. We go beyond seismic processing to create accurate earth models and final geological products that help you make weighted and efficient decisions when drilling exploration wells.

Seismic processing

Schlumberger brings together the expertise, software, and technologies it takes to deliver a comprehensive and integrated suite of seismic imaging and reservoir seismic services. Collaborative data conditioning, processing, and workflows are critical to produce the best earth model and, eventually, reservoir model.

Geophysical solutions

Schlumberger provides dedicated teams of geophysicists who specialize in survey design and modeling, inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies, and integrated 3D vertical seismic profile design and processing. The industry’s most advanced seismic data processing services, software, and solutions are utilized by experts at our Collaboration in Exploration Centers or at your office.

Interpretation and engineering services

Prospect generation, reservoir characterization, interpretation, and field-development planning cover a broad range of disciplines. Applying our experience and advanced workflows, we collaborate with you to improve the success of your exploration program by providing better analysis of complex and challenging environments and reservoirs.

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Multiclient Services for
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