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Building a true picture of the reservoir

Once the first well is drilled, appropriate downhole measurements are incorporated into the reservoir model to determine the reservoir rock volume ranges and estimate recoverable hydrocarbons toward a determination of prospect economic viability. Adjustments to the structural mapping can also be made to reduce the uncertainty of the model, and indicate if additional seismic surveys are needed to decipher the subsurface picture.

With global experience, integrated with Schlumberger’s seismic acquisition processing, interpretation, and modeling software, our multidisciplinary geophysical and geological experts analyze your reservoir for better seismic inversion and reservoir characterization.

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Volume-Based Modeling—Automated Construction of Complex Structural Models

Oil and Gas Exploration Reservoir Definition
A new technology enables the automated construction of very complex structural models from interpretation data.
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ISIS Characterization
Software Identifies
and Maps Lithologies

Seismic porosity volumetrics
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