Flow Assurance

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Advanced flow assurance technologies and services to optimize production and solve technical challenges

The fluid journey from reservoir pore to process facility involves many disciplines using advanced technologies. Even long-producing fields develop flow assurance problems as time goes by, and ever-deeper fields bring new challenges that extend the envelope our industry can safely and economically produce.

Flow Assurance Modeling Software

The industry’s most comprehensive suite of flow assurance software solutions covering PVT characterization and steady-state and transient multiphase flow simulation.

Flow Assurance Consulting

Reservoir In Situ Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Even at the exploration and appraisal stage, advanced formation sampling can bring detailed fluid properties data to address future potential issues before they occur in well and production tests.

Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring

Make informed decisions at the wellsite. Multiphase measurement capabilities offer improved data quality and fast well diagnostics with continuous measurements of well phases without separation. Get PVT results within 8 hours with our wellsite fluid analysis service without health, safety, or environmental risks.

Fluid Lab Services

A clear understanding of phase behavior and the physical properties of waxes, asphaltenes, and hydrates ensures appropriate well, flow and facilities designs and minimizes preventative treatment and remediation costs.

Integrated Production Chemical Engineering

Keep production flowing unrestricted—M-I SWACO Production Technologies.

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Production Optimized with PIPESIM Flow Assurance Modeling

Scenario results showing phase envelope with main flowline conditions.
Multiphase flow simulations drive new network design and increased capacity for greater production. Read case study

Industry’s Most Accurate Surface Multiphase Flowmeter

Vx Spectra Multiphase Flowmeter
Only the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter captures the full spectrum of gamma energy levels at high frequency from a single point in the venturi throat, ensuring the most accurate flow rate measurements in all flow conditions. Visit Vx Spectra Flowmeter page