Flow Assurance

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Technical Papers
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2013 Technical Paper: Minimizing Scale Deposition Through Surface Enhancement in Downhole Tools Flow Assurance, Deep Water ICD, ICD Advisor SPE
Sep 2012 Analysis of Subsea Sampling Applications and Drivers for Subsea Field Developments in Deep and Ultra-Deep Water Deep Water IBP
Mar 2012 Innovative Intelligent Technologies Used for Production Optimization and Infrastructure Integrity Surveillance Flow Assurance, Deep Water SPE
Jun 2011 Implementation of Customized Algorithms Extends Downhole Flowmeter Application in Two-Phase Oil/Gas Flow: A Subsea North Sea Case Study Deep Water SPE
Feb 2011 Heavy Oil Characteristic Assessment for Field Facilities Selection Steam EOR: Case Study in Oman Heavy Oil, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Flow Assurance, Carbonates SPE
Oct 2010 A Systematic Workflow Process for Heavy Oil Characterization: Experimental Techniques and Challenges Heavy Oil, High Pressure, High Temperature, Flow Assurance SPE
May 2010 Subsea Sensors for Nonintrusive Monitoring of Temperature, Pressure and Asset Integrity Deep Water OTC
May 2010 The Impact of Reservoir Fluid Compositional Variation and its Origin on Flow Assurance Evaluation Deep Water OTC
Mar 2009 Applying Well Remediation Techniques to Subsea Flowlines in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Deep Water SPE
Sep 2008 Completion Design for Sandface Monitoring of Subsea Wells Deep Water WellWatcher Flux, WellWatcher SPE