Flow Assurance Consulting

Optimize field production by leveraging our global team of multiphase flow assurance modeling and simulation technology experts.

Optimum flow assurance design and operation requires evaluation of all disciplines interfacing flow assurance, as well as careful consideration of the interactions between the fluid, reservoir, wells, pipelines, surface facilities, and the surrounding environment. Through our detailed understanding of these disciplines, combined with our unique fluids capabilities and our integrated approach, we are the only flow assurance consultancy with the capability to bring them together.

Whatever your development scenario, we focus on establishing the most accurate reservoir characteristics and fluid property information to optimize your production system design, from the reservoir to the topside facilities, and from exploration to abandonment. Our global network of experts can work with you on fully- integrated studies from end to end, or on just one specific area of your project. Our method of identifying and defining competencies to match project requirements is unique within the industry, and proven to deliver results.

Technology Consulting

Expert advisors to help you effectively use PIPESIM steady state and OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulators.

Fluid Chemistry and Modeling

Production Engineering

Production Surveillance and Operations

Our Approach

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Disciplines Unite to Overcome Flow Assurance Challenges

Flow assurance involves multiple disciplines
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