Fluid Chemistry and Modeling

When making multimillion dollar decisions in field planning, facilities design, or production optimization, knowing the fluid facts mitigates risks.

We are the only flow assurance consultancy with the capability to draw on comprehensive reservoir knowledge, interrogate the quality of legacy fluid information, integrate knowledge from representative samples if required, and make use of fully audited laboratory analysis, reducing the risk of contamination and uncertainties.

Fluids property analysis

Through laboratory analysis and simulation, we meticulously extract all available information to model the fluid journey from reservoir to point of sale.

Whether you need to interpret laboratory data or develop a sophisticated equation of state for an entire field, our fluid experts can support you. R&D in fluids, and rich field experience in numerous fields across the globe ensure delivery of state-of-the-art methodologies and unique workflows for fluid property modeling. Our experts have been instrumental in the development of fluid property models like Peng-Robinson equation of state and the asphaltene deposition model.

Our team never assesses fluid effects in isolation. By integrating information from multiple platforms it is possible to review fluid behaviors up and down the line from reservoir to facilities. Our unique and inclusive approach explores all possible consequences, minimizes uncertainties, and resolves flow assurance challenges, while always protecting an operator’s total asset value.

Reservoir fluid sampling and analysis services

Representative fluid samples are essential to a successful flow assurance study. Our fluid experts have extensive worldwide operational and analytical experience and work with our clients to define the sampling and analysis program. Schlumberger is the industry leader in reservoir fluid sampling, wellsite analysis, sample management, fluid phase behavior, and flow assurance laboratory studies. Working as part of one organization ensures that our customers reap the benefits of continued technological innovation and exacting quality standards.

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