Geomechanics Completions

Understand stimulation and production

Completions geomechanics encompasses all the disciplines needed to plan and implement a stable and successful completion, increase production, and extend the life of wells. Schlumberger geomechanics experts collaborate to achieve success for your well, from selecting well locations, to predicting and controlling sand production and to designing stimulation treatments.

Examine casing integrity

It is important for the security and long-term integrity of a well that the casing and cement sheath are able to support the formation loading. This loading can change, often by increasing both in the reservoir and overburden, in response to production. This increased loading will pinch, and, in some cases, shear the casing.

Shales add complexity

Stress magnitudes and orientations can be particularly complex in anisotropic media such as shales, whose properties vary with direction. Here elastic properties and stress profiles are determined using directional borehole sonic data. Information derived from such data are important for the determination of fracturing zones and containment in shale gas formations.

Sand Production Management

Perforation Optimization

Stimulation Geomechanics

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Controlling Sand Production Issues

Initial rock-derived rock strengthsInitial log-derived rock strengthsLog enhancementGeomechanics analyses with enhanced logs
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Mechanical Earth Model Defined

Geomechanics 3D model
Mechanical Earth Models are used for many well-centric and field wide geomechanics applications. They are fundamental in providing parameters for planning and decision making. Visit the Mechanical Earth Model page