Sand Production Management

Predict and manage sand failure to mitigate risk

Predicting and controlling sand production are critical components of choosing the right completions program and optimizing production. The Schlumberger Geomechanics group uses skilled interpretation to select the right sand management solution, to guide development decisions, to enable appropriate completions planning, and to optimize future reservoir management.

Experimental research at Schlumberger laboratories reveals that sand production in any consolidated rock is initiated by excessive stress failing the sand face followed by transport of the disaggregated material due to flow.

To predict sand failure during production, the Schlumberger Geomechanics group constructs a mechanical earth model (MEM) of the reservoir. A well-centric model is used for basic risk analysis, a field model helps manage the entire reservoir and avoid risky well location, and a dynamic field model predicts the location and onset of sand production. This knowledge is captured in a Sand Management Advisor system that can predict sand failure at the perforation tunnel.

In addition, this solution can help to

  • recommend perforation location, avoiding weak intervals,
  • optimize perforation orientation,
  • recommend perforation size,
  • predict critical drawdown pressure.

A range of sand control options are available, including openhole completions, cased hole sand control, screens, and screenless completions.

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