Geomechanics Management - Drilling

Earth model building for safer operations

During drilling, abrupt changes in pore pressure and fracture gradients can lead to lost circulation, washouts, stuck pipe, loss of tools and equipment, additional casing strings, and unplanned sidetracks. Geomechanics investigations help to identify geohazards, enabling either avoidance or determining safer operational windows.

Anticipating and countering geomechanics related issues is done by developing and updating a model using well data and pre-drill pore pressure, stability, and fracture gradient profiles. Relevant information can be gained from other wells that may exist in the area, allowing a pre-drill mechanical earth model (MEM) to be constructed with which mud weight windows can be forecast in order to ensure that a stable pressure regime is maintained in the well.

Pore Pressure Prediction

Well Placement & Trajectory

Wellbore Stability

Salt Creep

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Mechanical Earth Model Defined

Geomechanics 3D model
Mechanical Earth Models are used for many well-centric and field wide geomechanics applications. They are fundamental in providing parameters for planning and decision making. Visit the Mechanical Earth Model page