Pore Pressure Prediction

Anticipate changes in pore pressure during drilling

During drilling, abrupt changes in pore pressure and wellbore stability can cause substantial issues when encountered without preparation. Schlumberger multidiscipline experts analyze available data to provide upcoming event/risk predictions that enable you to continue drilling without costly delays or incidents.

The regional view

Basin-wide pore pressure studies typically take 1 to 2 months to complete. Pre-drill pore pressure can be predicted based on available 3D seismic data where velocity-to-pore-pressure transforms are calibrated to offset wells. The 3D velocity model which has been derived from the 3D seismic data provides a fit-for-purpose starting model, enabling rapid response to requests for pore pressure prediction—days before drilling, or even after the well has encountered problems. Inclusion of operators’ data enhances the predictive power of the velocity model, yielding a customized well-specific solution anywhere in the model.

The wellbore view

Drilling operations demand a quick response. To reduce the time required, our experts are able to build a local pore pressure model using data from other wells in the area. Data from borehole seismic or sonic measurements can be used to populate a wellbore centric mechanical earth model (MEM) with both velocity and expected uncertainty. Such a model is representative of the local conditions around the projected wellbore. All possible data sources are combined to calculate a pore pressure profile, including log data (formation testing, sonic and resistivity), drilling reports and well tests.

Our drilling analysts provide a pore pressure analysis service (PreVue) by monitoring and predicting pore pressure and wellbore stability in real time at the wellsite, using LWD, MWD, and gas data. Daily geopressure reports are prepared using all the gathered data and delivered to key decision makers at the wellsite and in your office.

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