Caprock Integrity

Maintain caprock integrity

Caprock and thermal recovery

In heavy-oil reservoirs, such as those in Canada, caprock integrity is as complex as it is important. It relies on the geomechanical properties of the rock in its present form, as well as modifications to the geomechanical properties, as the reservoir is subjected to production methods such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS). Careful analysis, modeling, and monitoring of geomechanical properties of heavy oil reservoirs in harsh environments helps to maintain caprock integrity.

Caprock and overpressure

Caprock integrity is critical for underground gas storage (UGS) and carbon storage projects, especially where delta pressuring is being considered. Geomechanics experts model the resistance of the caprock to fracturing for the range of planned reservoir pressures in a UGS or carbon storage facility, thereby assessing the likelihood of the reactivation of faults cutting the caprock.

A world leader in reservoir geomechanics, Schlumberger has both the science and experience to help operators address this complex issue. We deliver all the services required to acquire data and analyze, model, and monitor all aspects of caprock integrity.

Project design

Creating a customized project with integration of core, logging, testing, and seismic programs.

Pre-injection analysis

Examining thermal and pressure effects of gas on the reservoir caprock.

Post-injection modeling

Creating a reservoir model that examines the dynamic effects of steam, hydrocarbons or CO2 injection, fracturing, production and mechanical property response over the life of the reservoir.

Reservoir development - for thermal recovery processes:

Designing and implementing fit-for-purpose services and equipment.

Reservoir monitoring

Using industry-leading measurements, tools and techniques to monitor effects on the reservoir, the caprock, and the environment caused by injection and recovery processes.

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Analyze, Model, and Monitor Caprock Integrity

Caprock integrity analysis workflow
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Caprock Integrity

Analyzing, modeling, and monitoring geomechanical properties in heavy-oil reservoirs.