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Geomechanics in field development

Stress and strain variations throughout the reservoir complex can have a considerable effect on production and on production forecasting. To support the development of your field development plan (FDP), Schlumberger geomechanics experts participate in geoscientific studies where near-wellbore and full-field geology information is integrated to develop models that can be used to simulate production scenarios.

Stress affects permeability and production performance

A fieldwide geomechanics analysis is required to fully understand and predict surface movement risk during EOR operations, damaged zone progression or fault reactivation as a result of pressure changes.

By incorporating geomechanics considerations into the field model a range of field behaviors can be predicted accurately. Best choices can be made for well placement as well as ranking of production forecast scenarios and NPV over a specified time period.

Predict stress trends with 4D geomechanics modeling

The Petrel Geomechanics stress simulator provides the ability to include complex geological structures and perform 4D coupled modeling to make accurate fieldwide stress and strain predictions. This process includes preparing fluid flow data , building a 3D mechanical earth model (MEM), computing the preproduction stress state, history-matching of production, microseismic, and movement events, and modeling future production. The simulator can be two-way coupled with ECLIPSE software to obtain porosity, permeability, and fracture conductivity updates that improve reservoir production history matches.

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Geomechanical Modeling in 4D

Predicted vertical displacementArea of differential displacement
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