Geothermal Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

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Unparalleled experience in geothermal resource modeling

Analyzing and predicting the behavior of a geothermal resource over time is a critical element of geothermal power production. GeothermEx (a Schlumberger company) has unparalleled experience in geothermal reservoir simulation—close to 90% of the world’s operating geothermal fields - far more than any other organization in the world.

On the basis of the conceptual model developed by geoscientists, geothermal reservoirs are simulated in three important phases:

  • Initial-state (or pre-exploitation) modeling, in which the natural distribution of temperature, pressure, and fluid chemistry is reproduced by the simulator over a geologic time scale.
  • History matching, in which the measured impact of production and injection is reproduced by the numerical model and the initial-state model is rerun to ensure compatibility.
  • Forecasting of future well and reservoir behavior under a variety of possible future exploitation scenarios.

All sizes and Types of Geothermal Systems

For resource capacities ranging from less than 15 MW to those with more than 1,000 MW of generation, GeothermEx simulates all categories of geothermal systems, including hypersaline and gassy reservoirs.

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