Completions and Artificial Lift

Field development plan from modeling to initial production and beyond

It has become commonplace to plan for EOR methods during the field development plan, which was not the case in the recent past. Leverage advanced technologies and proven processes to discover and deploy fit-for-purpose EOR solutions to improve ultimate recovery in your fields from the initial development phase.

Heavy oil artificial lift

Optimizing recovery, managing cost, and meeting environmental standards in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects make achieving economic success a complex challenge.

Flow assurance and equipment abrasion are the two main challenges in SAGD operations, and the choice of artificial lift will vary with every project:

Well completions

Many of the completions challenges associated with heavy oil revolve around sand management. The control of sand has immediate production impact as well as long term profitability issues.

FacsRite Sand Screen

Stabilizes the sand and accommodates the wider variety of particle sizes encountered in unconsolidated formations without clogging.

Slotted Liner

Having the right slot width is proven to increase production efficiency. Incorrect liner selection can lead to sand influx or plugging.

Inflow Control Devices (ICDs)

ICDs make it easier to manage flow into the well, and performance is independent of viscosity.

WellWatcher BriteBlue Multimode DTS Fiber

This optical fiber provides almost 50-fold increase in light transmission, exceptional resistance to hydrogen, longer life, faster response times, and better spatial resolution than conventional fibers.

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Hotline XTend HT ESP System

REDA Hotline XTend extended-capability high-temperature ESP system
Reengineered for higher temperatures and increased reliability.
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Integrated Approach to Formation-Water Management

Integrated Approach to Formation-Water Management
In South American basins that produce large volumes of water, as water cut increases, oil production is restricted, creating problems like scale depositon, corrosion, and sand production.