Modeling and Simulation

The following technologies are used for modeling and simulation.

ECLIPSE Industry-Reference Reservoir Simulator

Model and optimize heavy oil recovery schemes.

Merak Planning, Risk, and Reserves Software

Transform planning into a dynamic, event-driven, evergreen process.

Merak Peep Economic Evaluation Software

Model the economics of upstream oil and gas projects.

Merak Decision Toolkit

Evaluate uncertainties, measure their impact on economic value, and determine your risk.

Well Placement in a Full Field SAGD Model

Effects of Well Placement using Multi-Segmented Wells in a Full Field Thermal Model for SAGD: Athabasca Oil Sands
Optimal well placement improves heavy oil production. Read industry article

Detailed Field Analysis with Large SAGD Models

Facies distribution in the reservoir model used for the SAGD study.
Understanding the inter-play of steam chambers for adjacent well pairs, a full-field model is required. Read technical paper