Reservoir Evaluation

The technologies below are used for reservoir evaluation.

Geophysical Services
Seismic data processing solutions, wireline and well test services, and data processing and modeling tools not only help to delineate these unconventional reservoirs, but also enable accurate geological modeling for future production decisions, particularly important in heavy oil.

Deep Reading Technologies
Crosswell electromagnetic imaging and crosswell seismic imaging take you beyond the confines of the near-wellbore volume to illuminate the wider reservoir volume for numerous applications.

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform
Monopole and dipole measurements increase your near-wellbore and far-field understanding.

MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester
Accurately measure reservoir pressure in real time.

Logging While Drilling
Measurements for geosteering, formation evaluation, and drilling optimization—available in real time through high-speed telemetry while drilling.

Extended Well Tests
Tests (EWTs) used to evaluate productivity and characteristics of a reservoir. EWTs also provide a way to test sand control techniques and process- and production-related technologies.

Geophysical Processing & Imaging
Learn more about the WesternGeco portfolio of seismic processing and reservoir seismic technologies, algorithms, and workflows for 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic imaging data processing projects.

Petrel Seismic Interpretation Software
Create powerful seismic to simulation workflows in a familiar Windows environment.

Merak Peep
The industry standard for economic modeling of upstream oil and gas projects.

Determine Accurate Water
& Oil Volumes

Dielectric Scanner
The fully articulated Dielectric Scanner pad optimizes contact, to deliver answers in carbonates, shaly sands, and heavy oil reservoirs. Visit the Dielectric Scanner page