High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT)

Challenges in high-pressure oil, high-temperature gas

Attractive new prospects like deepwater high-pressure wells in the Gulf of Mexico, the commercial viability of previously uneconomic gas plays, and the increasing use of thermal recovery techniques has dramatically increased the requirement for HPHT technology.

New reserves often mean hostile conditions

Finding and producing new hydrocarbon reserves involves contending with increasingly harsh downhole conditions. Designing and operating equipment that can withstand these hostile environments is difficult but the real challenge is to deliver high-quality measurements reliably.

Rigorous HPHT qualifications for real-world performance

Multiple temperature and pressure cycles together with shocks and vibration at different frequencies realistically simulate field conditions. Schlumberger has long been a leader in bringing metrology to the oil field delivering purpose-built, exhaustively tested, field-proven services and products for every stage of an HPHT well.

Reaching HPHT Reservoirs

HPHT Reserves Evaluation

Reliable HPHT Flow Performance

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Increased Production 500% in HPHT Well

ThermaFRAC shear-tolerant fracturing fluid improves proppant transport, resulting in 500% production increase for Pakistan operator. Read case study

HPHT- Science of Extremes

HPHT Chart
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