Reliable HPHT Flow Performance

High-endurance HPHT completion & production products

Services and equipment for the completion and production of HPHT wells have to meet specialized specifications to withstand the extreme conditions. At a minimum, potential completion failures can be caused by corrosivity, fiber loss, and acid penetration problems—in addition to run time in the downhole HT environment. Successful production requires high-endurance systems rated for high temperatures to ensure longer run life and increased reliability.

Specialized HPHT services to complete any well

Through rigorous testing and extensive field experience, Schlumberger has developed solutions to overcome the greatest HPHT completion challenges and production issues. We use clear brine completion fluids with a low corrosivity for minimally damaging reservoir drill-in fluids. For effective matrix acidizing, we have a highly retarded HCI system designed to overcome acid penetration issues is stimulating reservoirs above 121 degC [250 degF]. Our distributed temperature sensing (DTS) permanent monitoring systems for HPHT are designed to dynamically correct for fiber loss in the face of hydrogen exposure. These and other specially designed services from Schlumberger enable proper completion of HPHT to maximize production rates.

Improved productivity with high-temperature ESPs

Once completions are finished, the challenge is to select the optimal electric submersible pump system for long life in high temperature. This is especially important in steam injection wells. Schlumberger provides equipment such as the REDA Hotline550 HP ESP system rated to operate continuously at up to 218 degC [425 degF] with high-temperature motor-winding insulation, nonelastomeric seals, and specially treated, ultradehydrated dielectric oil. Or for extreme applications, the REDA Hotline SA3 HT ESP is rated up to 250 degC [482 degF] with proven field reliability records.

HPHT Completion Products

HPHT Completion Fluids

WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems

Distributed temperature profiles for reliable, accurate, and real-time identification of the time, location, and reason for changes in flow.

REDA Hotline High-Temperature ESP System

Method of choice for high-temperature, highly abrasive, and corrosive environments common to thermal-recovery applications.

Flow Scanner

Three-phase production logging optimized for the complex flow environments of horizontal and high-angle wells.


Perforating and completions programs to maximizing well production.

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