HPHT Drilling Fluids

A number of water-, oil-, and synthetic-base drilling fluid systems are available for HPHT applications.


Water-base drilling fluid system for optimum drilling and minimum environmental impact in high-temperature applications.


Extreme high-temperature, oil-base drilling system rated 260 degC [500 degF]. It has superior characteristics for low fluid invasion, allowing trouble-free tripping and logging.


High-temperature, water-base drilling fluid with densities from 9 to 20 lbm/galUS [1.1 to 2.4 kg/L].

WARP Fluids Technology

Milestone water- and oil-base drilling fluid system that contains treated, micronized weighting agents that provide low-viscosity fluids with low plastic viscosities, yield points, and shear-rate viscosities—with no risk of barite sag. The system lowers friction factors up to 10% in cased hole and 25% in open hole, and is nondamaging to producing formations and completion hardware. Improved pressure drops in narrow annuli allow greater flexibility for optimizing flow rates and pump pressures.


Paraffin-base drilling fluid system—a low-toxicity option for HPHT applications.

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