HPHT Production

Improved productivity with high-temperature ESPs

REDA Hotline550 high-temperature (HT) ESP systems have been installed extensively in steam injection wells. Rated to operate continuously at up to 218 degC [425 degF], the equipment employs high-temperature motor-winding insulation, nonelastomeric seals and specially treated, ultradehydrated dielectric oil. ESPs reduce the steam/oil ratio (SOR) by 10% to 25%, saving energy costs, decreasing produced-water volume and treatment expenses, and curtailing associated CO2 emission. REDA Hotline SA3 HT ESP system is engineered for even higher temperatures—up to 250 degC [482 degF], longer run life, and increased reliability.

Complete production logging suite

FlowScanner production logging system profiles multiphase flow in wells with any deviation. The tool can operate up to 175 degC [350 degF]; see your Schlumberger representative for details.

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Reengineered for Higher Temperatures

HPHT reda
REDA Hotline electric submersible pumps have operational ratings in excess of 482 degF for use in HT wells. Visit REDA Hotline webpage

Quantify and Profile Complex Multiphase Flow Regimes

Flow Scanner Three-Phase Production Logging
Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system employs 5 minispinners and 12 electrical probes to make direct measurements of all phases across the flow cross section. Visit Flow Scanner System page