HPHT Reserves Evaluation

Complete suite of HPHT logging tools

Schlumberger brings a wealth of experience to HPHT wireline logging. Tools are available for a complete suite of measurements including resistivity, sonic, density, neutron porosity, gamma ray, and borehole temperature. Compatible with these services, the PressureXpress-HT high-temperature reservoir pressure service can perform extended reservoir pressure and mobility surveys for an industry-leading holding time of 14 h at 232 degC [450 degF]. The MDT Forte-HT rugged high-temperature modular formation dynamics tester delivers robust downhole fluid analysis (DFA), fluid sampling, and transient testing.

Improved wireline conveyance in deep, hot wells

Use of high-tension cable and a capstan reduces the risk of tool sticking in deep HPHT wells. Capstans also reduce cable tension before respooling, minimizing cable damage and shorts between conductors. Power loss is a concern for longer cables; our HPHT quad cable can supply three times as much power as a standard cable.

Accurate and reliable HPHT well testing

Our well test equipment is rated 260 degC [500 degF] and 207 MPa [30,000 psi]. Signature quartz gauges feature 100% ceramic multichip module placed on a single ceramic substrate for dramatically improved reliability. These highly-accurate gauges enable longer well tests and consequently, exploration beyond the near-wellbore area. High-pressure SenTREE subsea test trees are engineered for integration with the subsea BOP stack and any completion, well test, or Christmas tree system.

HPHT Wireline Openhole Services

Innovative, integrated wireline logging services for the high pressures and temperatures of extreme and ultradeep environments.

Signature Quartz Gauges

High-quality pressure measurements in all reservoir testing environments.

SenTREE Subsea Test Trees

High-performance subsea test tree (SSTT) systems for exploration and appraisal well testing.

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Accurate Measurements for
the Entire HPHT Test Duration

Signature quartz gauge
Signature gauges delivered high-quality pressure measurements for the duration of a 15-day offshore HPHT well test.  Read case study

Logging Cables—Strength under Stress

HPHT cableHPHT cable
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