Coalbed Methane (CBM)

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Abundant natural gas supports industry

Coalbed methane, or coal seam gas (CSG), presents an attractive and abundant source of natural gas in several regions around the world—Australia, India, and the United States to note a few. This resource stream can be a significant feed to petrochemical or power generation plants because the relatively low extraction costs are economically advantageous.

Low permeability makes CBM production a challenge

Production of CBM wells can be difficult because the permeabilities of most coal seams are measured in millidarcies. Usually, large areas must be opened to flow, which can be problematic to achieve, and CBM production is associated with significant water production. This complicates lifting and surface separation. As the coal seam produces, physical changes taking place in the coal seam can accelerate or inhibit gas production and thus require close monitoring to ensure optimized production.

Evaluation enables optimization of CBM completions

Schlumberger offers a comprehensive reservoir simulator for CBM, which is often the first step to evaluating a CBM project. Imaging and petrophysical evaluation suites are defined to identify the best portions of a coal seam to produce. Lightweight cements are readily formulated to achieve lasting hydraulic isolation in these often shallow, potentially unconsolidated formations.  Specialized coal fracturing fluids are formulated to provide stimulation while reducing coal fines generation.

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Understand how CBM reserves affect your portfolio.

Sonic Scanner

Benefit from axial, azimuthal, and radial information to understand coal seam stresses, anisotropy, and effects due to cleating.

ECLIPSE Coalbed Methane

Full-featured simulation software supports CBM physics.

Fullbore Formation MicroImager

Take advantage of borehole geology, geomechanics, and 3D reservoir modeling.

Lightweight Cement Slurry System

Optimize production from CBM reservoirs.

Avocet Production Operations Software Platform

Improve management of complex CBM operations through Avocet software platform for collection and management of well operations and production data to help consistent attainment of production targets.

DTS Fiber Optic Monitoring Systems

Monitor temperature profiles at the surface in real time.

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Avocet Volumes Management Software

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