Bakken/Three Forks Shale, Williston Basin

Date Published Title Category
May 2017 Leaving Produced Water Management to the Experts
Industry Article
Jan 2015 BroadBand Sequence Service Contributes 42% of Total Oil Production in Well for Whiting Petroleum Case Study
Aug 2014 PDC Bit with RockStorm Technology Improves Average ROP by 23%, Bakken Shale Case Study
June 2014 BroadBand Sequence Service Enables Successful Fracturing of Openhole Section Case Study
Mar 2014 PDC Bit with Stinger Element Drills More Than 9,600 Feet in One Run in Bakken Shale Case Study
Nov 2013 Slimhole MWD Service Powers Complex Suite of LWD Services in ConocoPhillips Bakken Well Case Study
Oct 2013 Middle East Hard/Abrasive Formation Challenge: Reducing PDC Cutter Volume at Bit Center Increases ROP/Drilling Efficiency Technical Paper
Aug 2013  Recent Advances in the Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs with Wide-Azimuth Seismic Data Technical Paper
Apr 2013 New Bits Speed Drilling in Unconventional Plays Industry Article
Feb 2013 Taking Centre Stage Industry Article
Feb 2013 Asset Development Drivers in the Bakken and Three Forks Technical Paper
Jan 2013 SHARC Bit with Stinger Element Increases ROP 46% Case Study
Nov 2012 A Direct Comparison of Signal Quality Between Dense Point-Receiver and Simulated Conventional 2D Line Data Over the Bakken Formation in North Dakota Technical Paper 
Oct 2012 Mini-DST to Characterize Formation Deliverability in the Bakken Technical Paper 
Sep 2012 Williston Basin Operator Produces 26% More Oil with HiWAY Channel Fracturing Service Case Study
Jul 2012 Accurate Total Porosity for Bakken and Three Forks Formations Case Study
Jun 2012 Numerical Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Middle Bakken and Upper Three Forks Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Williston Basin  Technical Paper
Jun 2012 Advanced Imaging and Inversion for Unconventional Resource Plays Technical Paper
May 2012 Bakken Three Forks Infrastructure, Takeaway Woes Only Threats to High Activity Industry Article
Jan 2012 Geosteering Improves Bakken Results Industry Article
April 2011 Holistic Optimization Approach Improves Economic Viability of Bakken Shale Play Technical Paper
Feb 2011 Industry Partnership Defines Fracture Completion Best Practices in North Dakota Bakken Play Case Study
June 2010 Seismic Feasibility Tests in the Williston Basin to Improve Reservoir Characterization Industry Article
Jan 2010 OPTM-IZER Closed Loop Approach Delivers in Zero Discharge Operation Case Study

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