Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin

Date Published Title Category
Sep 2013 Geomechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing Inferred from Composite Radiation Patterns of Microseismicity Technical Paper
Sep 2013 Modeling Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Deformation Technical Paper
Jul 2012 sCore Lithofacies Classification Reveals Barnett Shale Reservoir Quality Case Study
Dec 2011 Completions Optimized with Integrated Geomechanical Approach Case Study
Sep 2011 Approach Optimizes Frac Treatments Industry Article
Jan 2011 Microseismic Monitoring Industry Article
Sep 2010 Integrating Coiled Tubing and Production Logging for ConocoPhillips Case Study
Sep 2010 Fracture Network Development and Proppant Placement During Slickwater Fracturing Treatment of Barnett Shale Laterals Technical Paper
Mar 2010 Barnett Shale Operations Achieve Remote Real-Time Microseismic Interpretation with Private and Dedicated Wireless Networks Case Study
Dec 2009 Real-Time Monitoring "Steers" Fractures Industry Article
Jun 2009 Characterization of Hydraulically-Induced Fracture Network Using Treatment and Microseismic Data in a Tight-Gas Formation Technical Paper
May 2009 A Workflow for Integrated Barnett Shale Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Technical Paper
Jan 2009 Barnett Shale Refracture Stimulations Using a Novel Diversion Technique Technical Paper
Jun 2008 StimMORE Service Restores Well Productivity for a Major Barnett Shale Operator Case Study
Jan 2008 Improve Production With Optimum Fracture Design in Real Time Case Study
Jan 2008 StimMORE Service Increases EUR in Barnett Shale Well by 0.25 Bcf Case Study
Nov 2007 Contacting More of the Barnett Shale Through an Integration of Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring, Petrophysics, and Hydraulic Fracture Design Technical Paper
Jan 2007 Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Technical Paper
Sep 2006 Use of Horizontal Well Image Tools to Optimize Barnett Shale Reservoir Exploitation Technical Paper
Sep 2006 A Field Study in Optimizing Completion Strategies for Fracture Initiation in Barnett Shale Horizontal Wells Technical Paper
Oct 2005 Evaluating Barnett Shale Production Performance Using an Integrated Approach Technical Paper
Sep 2005 Application of Viscoelastic Fracturing Fluids in Appalachian Basin Reservoirs Technical Paper
Sep 2003 Application of Innovative Technologies to Fractured Devonian Shale Reservoir Exploration and Development Activities Technical Paper

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