Eagle Ford Shale, Western Gulf Basin

Date Published Title Category
Oct 2017 A Holistic Approach
Industry Article
July 2017 Refracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale: One Operator's Quest to Identify and Rank Candidates, Minimize Well Interference, and Understand Variability of Results
Technical Paper
July 2017 Scientific Approach Applied to Multi-Well Pad Development in Eagle Ford Shale
Industry Article
July 2017 A New Era for Refracturing
Industry Article
June 2015 Dissolvable Plug and Perf System Eliminates Mill-Outs in Multistage Stimulations Industry Article
Dec 2015 Sequenced Refracturing Technology Improves Economics in Unconventional Plays Industry Article
Jul 2015 Refracturing: Diversion Technologies and Improved Reservoir Understanding Give Depleted Unconventional Assets New Life Industry Article
Jul 2015 Sequenced Refracturing Boosts Production, EUR Without Drilling Industry Article
Feb 2014 BroadBand Sequence Service Delivers 21% Increase in Productivity in the Eagle Ford
Case Study
Feb 2014 BroadBand Sequence Service Reduces Completion Time by 46% for Plug-and-Perf Operations, Eagle Ford Case Study
Dec 2013 Openhole Sidetracking with Whipstock Saves 1.5 Days in Unconventional Play Case Study
Sep 2013 Downhole Steering Automation and New Survey Measurement Method Significantly Improves High-Dogleg Rotary Steerable System Performance Technical Paper
Sep 2013 Petrotechnical Assessment Delivers In-Depth Evaluation of Eagle Ford Shale in Less Than 1 Month Case Study
Aug 2013 New Technologies Reduce Environmental Footprint  Industry Article
Jul 2013 Shale 2.0: From Efficient to Effective Shale Development Industry Article
May 2013 Cabot Oil & Gas Saves More Than USD 1.4 Million in Eagle Ford Shale Case Study
Apr 2013 NMR T2 Distributions in the Eagle Ford Shale: Reflections on Pore Size Technical Paper 
Apr 2013 Application of Reservoir-Centric Stimulation Design Tool in Completion Optimization for Eagle Ford Shale Technical Paper
Apr 2013  Pushing Perforations to the Sidelines Industry Article 
Apr 2013 Systematic Solution Overcomes Artificial Lift Challenges Industry Article
Feb 2013 Utilization of Microseismic Event Source Parameters for the Calibration of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Models Technical Paper 
Oct 2012 Next-Generation Spear Bits Drill Lateral in Eagle Ford Shale 22% Faster Case Study
Apr 2012 Understanding the Impact of Channel Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale Through Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper
Nov 2011 An Integrated Approach for Understanding Oil and Gas Reserves Potential in Eagle Ford Shale Formation Technical Paper
Nov 2011 HiWAY Goes Horizontal Industry Article
Nov 2011  Expert Evaluations are Essential in Shale Oil Plays Industry Article
Nov 2011 Advanced Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Finds Laminated Pay Case Study
Oct 2011 Understanding Production from Eagle Ford-Austin Chalk System  Technical Paper
Oct 2011 HiWAY Technique Increases Condensate Production by 43% in the Eagle Ford Shale Case Study
Sep 2011 Pilot Wells Test Stimulation Approach Industry Article
Jul 2011 Spear Bit Sets ROP Record, Saves USD 46,780 Drilling in Eagle Ford Shale Case Study
Feb 2011 LWD Provides Solution for Bolstering Shale Gas Economics Industry Article
Feb 2011 Channel Fracturing Increases Production by 37% for Petrohawk in the Eagle Ford Shale Case Study
Jun 2010 Optimizing Stimulation and Reservoir Characterization Using LWD Measurements in the Eagle Ford Shale Case Study

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