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Nov 2017 Frac Hits Reveal Well Spacing May Be Too Tight, Completion Volumes Too Large
Industry Article
May 2017 Leaving Produced Water Management to the Experts
Industry Article
Jul 2015 Refracturing: Diversion Technologies and Improved Reservoir Understanding Give Depleted Unconventional Assets New Life Industry Article
Jul 2014 Argentine Operations Shift to Unconventional Plays Industry Article 
Apr 2014 Engineered Completions Approach Boosts Production From Texas Shales Industry Article 
Oct 2013 Harsh, Complex Formations, Longer Laterals Drive Innovation Industry Article
Oct 2013 Middle East Hard/Abrasive Formation Challenge: Reducing PDC Cutter Volume at Bit Center Increases ROP/Drilling Efficiency Technical Paper 
Oct 2013 Wellbore Stability Optimization in Shale Gas Wells by Integrating Geomechanics and Drilling Practices Technical Paper 
Sep 2013 Application and Benefits of Dissolvable Technology in Open Hole Fracturing Technical Paper 
Sep 2013 Geomechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing Inferred from Composite Radiation Patterns of Microseismicity Technical Paper 
Sep 2013 Modeling Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Deformation Technical Paper
Sep 2013 Downhole Steering Automation and New Survey Measurement Method Significantly Improves High-Dogleg Rotary Steerable System Performance Technical Paper
Sep 2013 Seismic Anisotropy Characterization in Heterogeneous Formations Using Borehole Sonic Data Technical Paper 
Sep 2013  Defining Three Regions of Hydraulic Fracture Connectivity, in Unconventional Reservoirs, Help Designing Completions with Improved Long-Term Productivity Technical Paper
Sep 2013 Pressure Transient Tests and Flow Regimes in Fractured Reservoirs Technical Paper 
Sep 2013 sCore: A Mineralogy Based Classification Scheme for Organic Mudstones Technical Paper 
Aug 2013 Recent Advances in the Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs with Wide-Azimuth Seismic Data Technical Paper 
Aug 2013 New Technologies Reduce Environmental Footprint Industry Article 
Jul 2013 Geomechanics Helps Solve Horizontal Woes Industry Article 
Jul 2013 Shale 2.0: From Efficient to Effective Shale Development Industry Article 
Jul 2013 Better Seismic Delineating Shale Plays Industry Article 
Jun 2013 E&P Software Platform Improves Workflow and Productivity Industry Article
Jun 2013 Analytical Reservoir Simulation and Its Applications to Conventional and Unconventional Resources Technical Paper
Jun 2013 Seismic for Unconventionals Industry Article
May 2013 3-D Radial Test Probe Extends Formation Testing Operating Envelope Industry Article
May 2013 Integrated Stimulation Strategy Identifies Savings of USD 734,000 Per Well in the Wolfbone Play Case Study
Apr 2013 New Bits Speed Drilling in Unconventional Plays Industry Article
Apr 2013 Seismic-Based Heterogeneous Earth Model Improves Mapping Reservoir Quality and Completion Quality in Tight Shales Technical Paper
Mar 2013 Production Forecasting and Analysis for Unconventional Resources Technical Paper
Feb 2013 Evaluating the Impact of Mineralogy, Natural Fractures and In Situ Stresses on Hydraulically Induced Fracture System Geometry in Horizontal Shale Wells Technical Paper
Jan 2013 New Geomechanics Approach Solves Wellbore Instability Issues in Unconventional Play Case Study
Dec 2012 Mapping the Way to Optimized Production in Shale Formations Industry Article
Nov 2012 Dielectric Scanner Salinity-Independent Water Saturation for Gas Shale Analysis Case Study
Oct 2012 The Use of a Transient Multiphase Simulator to Predict and Suppress Flow Instabilities in a Horizontal Shale Oil Well Technical Paper
Oct 2012 Reconciling Retort versus Dean Stark Measurements on Tight Shales Technical Paper
Oct 2012 Production Decline Analysis of Horizontal Wells Intersecting Multiple Transverse Vertical Hydraulic Fractures in Low-Permeability Shale Reservoirs Technical Paper 
Jul 2012 Industry Maps Smarter Way to Build Wellbores Industry Article
Jul 2012 Litho Scanner Accurate TOC Determination for Unconventional Reservoirs Case Study
Jul 2012 Rapid Mechanical Earth Model Delivers Critical Reservoir Information within 48 Hours Case Study
Jun 2012 Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey (BARS) From Modern, Dipole Acoustic Logs For High-Resolution Seismic-Based Fracture Illumination And Imaging Technical Paper
Jun 2012 Petrel 2012 – The Platform for E&P Decision Making Industry Article
Jun 2012 New Capture and Inelastic Spectroscopy Tool Takes Geomechanical Logging to the Next Level Technical Paper
Apr 2012 An Integrated Case Study of Improved Oil Pay Evaluation in Shaly, Laminated, Low Mobility Reservoirs Using Wireline Cased Hole Dual Packer and Production Test Technical Paper
Mar 2012 Fluid Regime Sheds New Light on Formation Damage in Tight Gas Reservoirs Industry Article
Jan 2012 Represented Reservoirs – Critical comparison of single and dual porosity stimulation approaches Industry Article
Jan 2012 Operators Seek Fracture Consistency Industry Article
Feb 2012 Shale Plays Driving Drilling Fluid R&D  Industry Article
Feb 2012 At-Bit Image Gamma and Inclination Allow Quick Interpretation for Steering Decisions  Case Study
Nov 2011 Improving Horizontal Completions on Heterogeneous Tight Shales Technical Paper
Nov 2011 Geomechanics: Key to Shale Development Industry Article 
Nov 2011 HiWAY Goes Horizontal Industry Article
Nov 2011 Application-Specific Steel Body PDC Bit Technology Reduces Drilling Costs in Unconventional North American Shale Plays Technical Paper
Nov 2011 Crosswell Electromagnetic Tomography in Unconventional Well Geometries Technical Paper
Nov 2011 The Effect of Mechanical Properties Anisotrophy in the Generation of Hydraulic Fractures in Organic Shales Technical Paper
Nov 2011 Generalization of Dual Porosity System Representation and Reservoir Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulated Shale Gas Reservoirs Technical Paper
Nov 2011 Decreasing Water Invasion into Atoka Shale Using Non-modified Silica Nanoparticles Technical Paper
Oct 2011 The Effect of Mechanical Properties Anisotropy in the Generation of Hydraulic Fractures in Organic Shales Technical Paper
Oct 2011 Generalization of Dual-Porosity-System Representation and Reservoir Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing-Stimulated Shale Gas Reservoirs Technical Paper
Oct 2011 Crosswell Electromagnetic Tomography in Unconventional Well Geometries Technical Paper
Oct 2011 Decreasing Water Invasion into Atoka Shale Using Non-modified Silica Nanoparticles Technical Paper
Sep 2011 Flow Channel Fracturing Service Industry Article
Sep 2011 Technology Advances Push Greener Side of Fracing Industry Article
Aug 2011 Interferometric microseism localization for multistage fracture monitoring Technical Paper
May 2011 Microseismic Source Inversion in Anisotropic Media Technical Paper 
May 2011 Applications of Dielectric Dispersion Logging to Oil Shale Reservors Technical Paper 
Apr 2011 New PDC Bit Engineered for Shale Industry Article
Feb 2011 Multipole Sonic While Drilling Industry Article
Feb 2011 PDC Bits Optimized for Shale Development Industry Article
Jan 2011 Hydraulic Fracturing - Game-changing advances in stimulation and production technology are improving well economics Industry Article
Jan 2011 Proppants Open Production Pathways Industry Article
Jan 2011 The Final Word: Opportunities, Challenges, and Concerns Permeate Discussion of Hydraulic Fracturing's Future Industry Article
Jan 2011 Hydraulic Fracture Crossing Natural Fracture at Non-orthogonal Angles, A Criterion, Its Validation and Applications Technical Paper
Oct 2010 Unlocking the Secrets for Viable and Sustainable Shale Gas Development Technical Paper
Oct 2010 Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Using LWD in Real Time Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring to Reservoir Simulation: Maximizing Value Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Well Treatment Fluids Prepared with Oilfield Produced Water Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Changing the Shape of Fracturing: New Proppant Improves Fracture Conductivity Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Using Microseismic Source Parameters To Evaluate the Influence of Faults on Fracture Treatments: A Geophysical Approach to Interpretation Technical Paper
Jun 2010 Modeling Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Fracture Networks in Shale Gas Reservoirs as a Dual Porosity System Technical Paper
May 2010 Taking Shale Gas Knowledge Global Newsroom
Jan 2009 Are You Buying Too Much Friction Reducer Because of Your Biocide? Technical Paper
Feb 2008 Coalbed and Shale Services Technical Paper
Sep 2006 Effect of Layered Heterogeneity on Fracture Initiation in Tight Gas Shales Technical Paper

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