Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin

Date Published Title Category
May 2013 Pennsylvania: Drilling Fluid Costs Dramatically Reduced in Saturated Salt Systems Case Study
Mar 2013 Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization Driven by Technology Integration Technical Paper
Nov 2012 Mangrove Design Software Increases Total Stimulated Volume 25% in Marcellus Shale Case Study
Oct 2012 Evaluating an Engineered Completion Design in the Marcellus Shale Using Microseismic Monitoring Technical Paper
Oct 2012 XL-Rock Large-Volume Rotary Sidewall Cores for Tight Rock Analysis of Pennsylvania Shale Case Study
Feb 2012 Integrating Data Key in Marcellus Pilot Industry Article
Jan 2012 PDC Mountaineer Improves Production More Than 50% With Optimized Completion Designs Case Study
Nov 2011

Flexible, Expanding Cement System Successfully Provides Zonal Isolation Across Marcellus Shale Trends

Technical Paper 
Sep 2011 Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Marcellus Shale Technical Paper
Sep 2011 Servicing the Marcellus Shale Industry Article
Aug 2011

Channel Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Applicability in the Marcellus Shale

Technical Paper
Jul 2011 Steel-Body PDC Bit Targets Shale Drilling Industry Article
Apr 2011 Spear Drill Bit Saves USD 175,000 and 2.7 d of Rig Time in Marcellus Shale Well Case Study
Apr 2011 Pad Design Key for Marcellus Drilling Industry Article
Sep 2010 Real-Time Measurements Optimize Marcellus Shale Well Placement Case Study
Mar 2010 Arrival of IOCs and Increasing Legislative Interest Signal Critical Mass for Marcellus Industry Article
Jan 2010 Comprehensive Well Planning Pays Off Industry Article
Jan 2005 Application of Viscoelastic Fracturing Fluids in Appalachian Basin Reservoirs Technical Paper

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