Date Published Title Category
June 2015 Dissolvable Plug and Perf System Eliminates Mill-Outs in Multistage Stimulations Industry Article
Jan 2013 Technology and Collaboration for North American Shale Development Industry Article
Dec 2012 Hydraulic Fracturing: Key Players Industry Article
Nov 2012 Honing Unconventionals Technology for the Middle East Industry Article
Nov 2012 Modeling is Next Step-Change in Unconventionals Industry Article
Jul 2012 Litho Scanner Accurate TOC Determination for Unconventional Reservoirs Case study
May 2012

Examination of Hydraulic Fracture Production Modeling Techniques

Technical Paper
May 2012  New Bit Designs Adjusting to Challenges Associated with Unconventional Oilpatch Realities Industry Article 
May 2012 Shale Fracturing Industry Article
May 2012 Study Assesses Shale Decline Rates Industry Article
Apr 2012 Production Forecasting for Shale Gas Exploration Prospects Based on Statistical Analysis and Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper
Apr 2012 Bit Designs Trend Toward Shale Development Industry Article
Apr 2012  RSS Continue to Impact the Industry Industry Article 
Jan 2012 Today's Technologies Support Operator Goals Industry Article
Oct 2011

Application-Specific Steel Body PDC Bit Technology Reduces Drilling Costs in Unconventional North American Shale Plays

Technical Paper
Oct 2011

Improved Petrophysical Core Measurements on Tight Shale Reservoirs Using Retort and Crushed Samples

Technical Paper
Aug 2011 New Tools and Procedures Increase Reliability of Openhole Sidetrack Operations Technical Paper
May 2011

Continuous Statistical Indicator Of Stress-Induced Dipole Flexural Wave Anisotropy

Technical Paper
Apr 2011 High Drilling Efficiency in Shale Formations Newsroom
Mar 2011 New RSS Delivers High Build rates Industry Article
Feb 2011

Tight Gas Reservoirs: Geological Evaluation of the Building Blocks

Technical Paper
Jan 2011 New, Environmentally Friendly Technology Industry Article
Nov 2010 Unlocking the Shale Mystery: How Lateral Measurements and Well Placement Impact Completions and Resultant Production Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Shale Gas Production Decline Trend Comparison Over Time and Basins Technical Paper
Sep 2010 Abrasive Jet Perforating and Fiber-Enhanced Proppant Plug Isolation Improve Efficiencies in Multistage Horizontal Completions Technical Paper
Nov 2009 Live Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring and Diversion Industry Article
Oct 2009 Increase Reservoir Contact in Shales Newsroom
Jan 2009 Quantifying Proppant Transport for Complex Fractures in Unconventional Formations Technical Paper
Oct 2006 Using Induced Microseismicity to Monitor Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Technical Paper
Industry Article

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