Shale Gas & Liquids

Challenges in shale reservoir development

Shale reservoirs can be complex and present many challenges, including identifying, mapping, and staying within sweet spots; determining well locations and spacing; optimizing drilling; enhancing completion and stimulation strategies; identifying operational efficiencies; and respecting environmental sensitivities and regulatory issues. Careful selection of technologies and services is essential for long-term success, confident decisions, and increased operational efficiency in unique unconventional plays.

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Seismic for Unconventional Resources

Seismic data play an important role in microseismic and stimulation modeling, seismic guided drilling to place the wellbore in the reservoir sweet spot, and borehole seismic interpretation.

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FAQs: Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure

Hydraulic fracturing
Changes to industry practices over the past decade have translated to smaller footprints, less waste, cleaner and safer operations, and greater compatibility with the environment.
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