Completing Shale Plays

Optimize your completion and stimulation strategies, taking into account the anisotropic nature of shales and minimizing environmental impact.

Understand rock properties, fractures, and geomechanics

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform
Benefit from axial, azimuthal, and radial information to understand reservoir stresses and anisotropy for successful completions in shale reservoirs.

TerraTek Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services
Improve reservoir modeling, optimize well placement and completion strategies, and increase productivity through specialized services for shale gas and oil.

Mechanical Earth Modeling
Optimize casing depths and number, drill stable wellbores, design effective completion and stimulation programs, and enhance reservoir simulation.

Interpretation Services for Geomechanics
Predict drilling risks, preserve wellbore stability, optimize completions, and use the option of real-time analysis if desired.

Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics Software
Use 3D and 4D geomechanics modeling to evaluate and predict subsurface stresses and rock deformation to assess potential drilling risks and well survivability, reduce NPT, and optimize completions.

Generate, maintain, and monitor complex fracture networks

Mangrove Engineered Stimulation Design in the Petrel Platform
Simulate complex fractures in shale reservoirs with an integrated seismic-to-simulation workflow.

Tubing-Conveyed Oriented Perforating System
Perforate very long intervals in one run and in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Multistage Stimulation Systems
Minimize completion installation time, risks, and costs and bring wells onto production faster than with conventional plug-and-perf techniques.

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique
Experience more fracture conductivity by removing the link between fracture flow and proppant conductivity, while reducing water and proppant consumption.

FiberFRAC Fiber-Based Fracturing Fluid Technology
Ensure a uniform proppant distribution within the fracturing fluid and increase proppant pack permeability because of lower polymer loading.

StimMORE Fiber-Laden Diversion Fluid
Optimize horizontal well multiple-frac completions and refracturing with this degradable slurry pumped with the main treating fluid to divert the fracture.

PowerSTIM Well Optimization Service
Customize stimulation treatment design and execution to specific reservoir conditions, based on detailed, accurate formation evaluation and modeling.

StimMAP Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service
Monitor development of hydraulic fractures through capture of microseismic activity within 30 s of occurrence.

Microseismic Interpretation
Image the spatial and temporal evolution of fracture networks and characterize stress patterns—in real time if desired.

Establish long-term well integrity, reduce environmental impact

FUTUR Self-Healing Cement System
Ensure long-term zonal isolation and well integrity from production to abandonment and beyond, through a cement that self heals even when set.

CemCRETE Concrete-Based Oilwell Cementing Technology
Benefit from improved flow and set properties—because of lower water-to-cement ratios—of a family of products for multiple applications.

OpenFRAC Fully Disclosed Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Receive full disclosure of fluid components in these high-performance fluids that are well-suited for recycling and reuse.

Minimize future intervention costs through proactive completion designs

PerfLift Perforated-Zone Gas Lift System
Provide cost-effective artificial lift for low-flow-rate oil wells and liquid-loaded gas wells, as well as for watered-out, long perforated intervals.

Achieve Higher Productivity in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique
HiWAY flow-channel hydraulic fracturing technique is helping operators increase fracture conductivity and production while using less water and proppant.
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CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service

CAMSHALE completions flow control technology
With Cameron a part of Schlumberger, benefit from seamless delivery of hydraulic fracturing fluid to flowback with a single point of contact and all OEM equipment.
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