Completion Integrity & Methods

Ensuring effective zonal isolation

Isolation and cementing can mitigate risk in unconventional wells and establish long-term well integrity. Fully protect surface groundwater zones through cementing best practices and evaluation technology that reduce environmental impact.

Establishing more durable cemented wells

Self-healing cement systems ensure well integrity and longevity through a cement that self-heals even when set. With enhanced cement flow and setting, the latest cement systems can be easily customized for shale environments.

Understanding completion methods

Several types of completion methods exist in shales today, including plug and perf, sliding sleeves, or openhole completions. Understanding which method works best for your reservoir is crucial to maximize production.

CemCRETE Concrete-Based Oilwell Cementing Technology

Benefit from improved flow and set properties—because of lower water-to-cement ratios—of a family of products for multiple applications.

OpenFRAC Fully Disclosed Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

Receive full disclosure of fluid components in these high-performance fluids that are well-suited for recycling and reuse.

ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology

Enhance multistage stimulation operations by using frac balls engineered with the patented ELEMENTAL degradable technology.

Invizion Evaluation Well Integrity Service

Increase the success of stimulation treatments, optimize production with a limited footprint, and achieve successful zonal isolation during cementing.

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Patented Material Degrades Fully and Predictably

Degradable alloy
Frac balls made of high-strength, impact-resistant material using ELEMENTAL degradable technology disintegrate into a fine powder that does not interfere with production. Visit ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology page

FAQs: Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure

Hydraulic fracturing
Changes to industry practices over the past decade have translated to smaller footprints, less waste, cleaner and safer operations, and greater compatibility with the environment.
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