Fracturing Shales

Maximizing production and recovery

Ensure every cluster is placed accurately within each interval to maximize reservoir contact upon fracturing. With integrated completion services, you can now fracture at every cluster along the lateral with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

Reducing water handling costs

Create fracturing fluids more easily with new fluid systems that use produced water instead of freshwater. Designed to work with each well’s unique produced water composition, these fracturing fluid services eliminate many of the logistics and costs of treatment and disposal.

Decreasing proppant consumption

Increase short- and long-term production using less proppant, simplifying logistics and operations. By creating open pathways inside the fracture, hydrocarbons flow more easily through the stable channels—rather than the proppant.

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique

Experience more fracture conductivity by removing the link between fracture flow and proppant conductivity.

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service

Ensure every cluster within each interval is fractured to maximize reservoir contact.

BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service

Fracture every cluster along the lateral, individually and precisely, while improving proppant transport to increase hydrocarbon production.

xWATER Water-Flexible Fracturing Systems

Reduce or eliminate freshwater use and its associated transportation and disposal costs, while decreasing environmental impact. 

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Sequenced Stimulation Increases Production

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
The BroadBand Sequence fracturing service reliably induces temporary isolation on demand, stimulating more perforations. Visit BroadBand Sequence Service page

Use Any Water Source for Hydraulic Fracturing

xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service
xWATER integrated water-flexible fracturing fluid delivery service reduces or eliminates freshwater use and its associated transportation and disposal costs. Visit xWATER Service page