Measuring Completions Effectiveness

Diagnosing production with logging services

A broad range of testing and measurement services deliver answers to your questions about productivity, fluid properties and composition, flow, pressure, and temperature. Cased hole logging services help you understand both your well and your reservoir to optimize lifetime production and take what you learn from one well to the next.

Assessing treatment results

Real-time data, such as that acquired by StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service, can be compared to simulated results to optimize treatments as they are being performed. These comparisons help improve well planning and reduce operational risks.

Monitoring well conditions

Fiber-optic-enabled coiled tubing interprets and optimizes treatments while they are still in progress. These real-time CT services give you the opportunity to monitor and evaluate job progress, optimize treatment results, and intervene with one trip in the hole.

ACTive Family of Live Downhole Coiled Tubing Services

Elevate the performance of CT operations in various types of well configurations with real-time downhole measurements.

FlowScanner Horizontal and Deviated Well Production Logging System

Understand multiphase flow by using production logging optimized for the complex downhole environments of horizontal and high-angle wells.

StimMAP Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service

Monitor hydraulic fracture systems in real time as they are created.

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Monitor Microseismic Fractures in Real Time

Microseismic hydraulic monitoring—record activity during the fracturing process
StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service provides results within 30 seconds of microseismic activity.
Visit StimMAP Service page

Quantify and Profile Complex Multiphase Flow Regimes

Flow Scanner Three-Phase Production Logging
Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system employs 5 minispinners and 12 electrical probes to make direct measurements of all phases across the flow cross section. Visit Flow Scanner System page