Drilling Shale Plays

Ensure maximum drilling efficiency

Reducing time to drill to TD is a key factor in improving drilling efficiency. ROP, reduced trips, build angle, lateral length, drilling fluids, and hole quality all play a role in improving drilling efficiency and economics. From fluid systems to the BHA, Schlumberger has the most complete drilling technology offering in the industry.

Well Planning

Use experience in well planning and placement to develop a collaborative, comprehensive strategy.

Drilling Performance

Accurate Well Placement

Place wells in challenging shale environments by assessing conditions and adjusting well trajectory in real time.

Drilling for Completions

Increase production in shale wells by evaluating the reservoir and designing an engineered completions strategy.

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Unconventional Resource Basins and Plays

Achieve High Build Rates from Any Inclination

PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system
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Identify and Characterize Natural Fractures in Shales

MicroScope high-resolution resistivity measurements and borehole imaging
High-resolution resistivity data and borehole imaging enable critical geosteering decisions by identifying dipping beds, faults, and fractures.
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