Drilling Shale Plays

Minimize drilling time and maximize reservoir contact with technologies and services to enhance all aspects of drilling.

Drill longer laterals, faster and with higher quality

Petrel Well Design Software
Optimal 3D well path design, including identification of surface locations, with minimum effort and real-time monitoring of execution.

Spear Shale-Optimized Steel-Body PDC Drill Bit
Improved ROP and precise directional control for drilling both curve and lateral sections in unconventional shale plays.

SHARC High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Drill Bit
High ROP, stability, and wear resistance in hard, abrasive, interbedded formations, such as those encountered above the Haynesville play in Texas, USA.

Stinger Conical Diamond Element
Center-placed element providing more durable and stable bits with up to 46% higher ROP, as seen in the Bakken play, North Dakota, USA.

ONYX II Premium PDC Cutter
Improved thermal stability and abrasion resistance through new materials and manufacturing processes for increased footage and ROP in tough formations.

PowerDrive Archer High Build Rate Rotary Steerable System
High-build-rate well profiles previously only possible with motors, together with the ROP and wellbore quality of a fully rotating RSS.

PowerDrive X6 Rotary Steerable System
Wider operating range; longer runs; and fast, responsive directional control while rotating the drillstring.

Optimize well placement

SGD Seismic Guided Drilling
Ahead-of-the-bit structural, stratigraphic, lithological, and geomechanical information through rapid integration of seismic data acquired while drilling and log measurements.

PeriScope Bed Boundary Mapping Service
Continuous monitoring of formation and fluid boundaries up to 21 ft away to drill challenging horizontal wells entirely within the sweet spot.

MicroScope Resistivity- and Imaging-While-Drilling Service
Resistivity measurements relatively unaffected by shoulder bed and anisotropy effects plus images for geosteering and fault and fracture evaluation.

SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service
Fracture evaluation and improved understanding of rock mechanics for optimizing completion strategies in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

sonicVISION Sonic-While-Drilling Service
Improved real-time measurements for more accurate pore pressure, rock mechanics assessment, bit-on-seismic positioning, and gas detection.

iPZIG At-Bit Inclination, Gamma Ray, and Imaging Service
The industry’s first imaging gamma ray and inclination tool positioned directly behind the bit, reducing reaction time for maintaining the targeted trajectory.

geoVISION Imaging-While-Drilling Service
Ideal for shale plays, with high-resolution, real-time images to identify formation structure and geological features such as fractures.

NeoScope Sourceless Formation Evaluation-While-Drilling Service
Extensive suite of measurements in a single collar to evaluate reservoir and completion quality and improve well placement, without chemical sources.

adnVISION Azimuthal Density Neutron Service
Azimuthal measurements of rock and fluid properties for more accurate formation evaluation, reserves identification, and diagnostic capabilities.

TeleScope High-Speed Telemetry-While-Drilling Service
High-speed data transmission from multiple downhole tools to land wells on target in less time, reduce risk, and increase production.

SlimPulse Retrievable MWD Service
Continuous direction, inclination, toolface, and gamma ray MWD, with reduced surface hardware and personnel for high-volume drilling applications.

Enhance wellbore strength and limit lost circulation

M-I SWACO Drilling Fluids Systems & Products
Industry-leading portfolio to address the full gamut of downhole challenges, enhance well construction efficiencies, and minimize HSE impact.

Measure gas produced while drilling

Highly accurate real-time measurement of gas flared while drilling, including very low flow rates, to quantify production potential and environmental impact.

Extract key information from drilling mud

Mud Logging
Surface data analysis to enhance drilling safety and efficiency and determine formation fluid composition, together with rock cuttings analysis.

Unconventional Resource Basins and Plays

Achieve High Build Rates from Any Inclination

PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system
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Identify and Characterize Natural Fractures in Shales

MicroScope high-resolution resistivity measurements and borehole imaging
High-resolution resistivity data and borehole imaging enable critical geosteering decisions by identifying dipping beds, faults, and fractures.
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