Drilling for Completions

Increasing production in shale wells

With 40% of perforation clusters producing trace amounts of or even no hydrocarbons, lateral wells experience inconsistent production rates. Thorough stress assessment efforts can raise the number of contributing perforations to 90%, leading to a 40% reduction in horizontal drilling time.

Designing an engineered completions strategy

Geometrically completed wells often miss the most productive areas. Engineered completion strategies based on LWD data allow you to optimize perforation cluster placement.

Evaluating reservoir while drilling

Acoustic measurements are used to create stress profiles while drilling. This captured stress data feeds into completion optimization software to create engineered stimulation programs that improve production rates.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform

Configure platform to maximize exposure and reduce risk in your reservoir.

SonicPacer Acoustic Shale Evaluation Service

Create stress profile along lateral while drilling.

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Modular MWD Platform for Efficient Well Placement

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The TelePacer modular MWD platform reduces collision risk, improves drilling efficiency, and maximizes sweet-spot exposure with a configurable suite of integrated measurements.
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