Drilling Performance

Meeting the challenges of shale

Shale presents unique drilling challenges due to its relatively impermeable and highly heterogeneous composition. With irregularly placed sweet spots often along a single lateral, drilling the precise location and path requires the use of technology specially designed for tough environments.

Analyzing conditions as you drill

Reaching shale sweet spots requires reliable real-time data to successfully tailor a well’s trajectory to the target area. Innovations like anti-collision monitoring, continuous surveying, and faster data transmission rates allow operators to make adjustments to drill more accurately and efficiently.

Drilling longer and more accurately

Shale-optimized steel-body PDC bits and diamond-enhanced insert hammer bits are designed to drill curve and long lateral hole sections in one run at high ROP. Paired with rotary steerable systems, shale-optimized drill bits are a more durable solution to drilling in complex shale environments.

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform

Design bits for specific applications and optimal performance.

i-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Design

Identify solutions that minimize vibrations and stick/slip during drilling operations, and optimize BHA performance for a given environment.

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System (RSS)

Improve drilling performance, extend applications, and deliver precise wellbore positioning on any rig type worldwide with push-the-bit RSS.

Slider Plus Fully Automated Slide Drilling System

Gain fully automated torque control for drilling efficiency while sliding.

DynaForce Flex Shale Drilling Motor

Drill the vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run for an economical option to high dog leg severity wells.

PowerDrive Archer High Build Rate RSS

Get high build rate well profiles previously only possible with motors—yet with the ROP and wellbore quality of a fully rotating RSS. 

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Simulation that Improves Drilling Performance

i-DRILL 3D view
i-DRILL engineered drilling system uses predictive modeling to optimize BHA design and drilling parameters for improved overall performance.
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Efficient Motor Option to Drill High-Dogleg Wells

DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor
The DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor is designed to drill the vertical, curve, and lateral in a single run—eliminating trips and reducing drilling time.
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