Accurate Well Placement

Placing wells in challenging shale environments

Drilling long laterals for thousands of feet necessitates exact adjustments to successfully drill within the target shale layers. Accomplishing accurate well placement requires real-time data to maintain contact with the intended reservoir, identify and avoid hazards, and improve drilling efficiency.

Adjusting well trajectory in real time

Geosteering allows operators to make constant adjustments to the well trajectory in real time throughout drilling operations. With precise directional control, geosteering leads to more accurate well placement and enhanced production in heterogeneous shale.

Evaluating formation conditions constantly

Shale reservoir rock quality can be highly variable within relatively narrow vertical and horizontal sections. Evaluating shale formations while drilling with LWD reduces risk and improves efficiency. Acquisition, interpretation, and integration of real-time downhole measurements expedite completion design.

iPZIG At-Bit Inclination, Gamma Ray, and Imaging Service

Reduce reaction time for maintaining the targeted trajectory with the industry’s first imaging gamma ray and inclination tool positioned directly behind the bit.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform

Configure platform to maximize exposure and reduce risk in your reservoir.

SonicPacer Acoustic Shale Evaluation Service

Create stress profile along lateral while drilling.

Petrel Shale

Design an end-to-end workflow with an interface optimized for shale, from exploration to production.

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iPZIG At-Bit Service Achieves 98% Well Placement Accuracy

iPZIG At-Bit Image Gamma Ray with Geosteering Achieves 98% Well Placement Accuracy
At-bit imaging enables accurate placement of wellbore within target coal seam in CBM formation.
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Modular MWD Platform for Efficient Well Placement

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The TelePacer modular MWD platform reduces collision risk, improves drilling efficiency, and maximizes sweet-spot exposure with a configurable suite of integrated measurements.
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