Well Planning

Developing a comprehensive strategy

Thorough well appraisal yields critical data used to develop drilling systems, plan well trajectories, and avoid potential hazards or other existing wells. Analyzing all of this available data helps to create a complete well plan that considers every aspect of the drilling process.

Well planning: A collaborative approach

Software simulating the downhole environment yields extensive data regarding lithology, fluids, and geomechanics. Based on this data, multidisciplinary teams develop an integrated drilling plan and drilling system for maximum performance in the anticipated environment.

Creating strategies to boost well performance

Our extensive experience in the world’s major shale plays, as well as our expertise in drilling and well planning, enables us to create strategies that maximize results with accurate placement and superior performance.

Petrel Trajectory Planning

The well path design and positioning capabilities in the Petrel E&P software platform are now fully coupled to perform wellbore stability evaluation, offset well analysis, and relief well planning.

Petrel Shale

Design an end-to-end workflow with an interface optimized for shale, from exploration to production.

Well Target & Inflow Design Optimization

Identify zones with the best recovery potential and automate your well path design to reach them.

i-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Design

Identify solutions that minimize vibrations and stick/slip during drilling operations, and optimize BHA performance for a given environment.

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Engineering and Modeling in the Delivery of Shale Wells

Unconventional resources presented by Dave SobernheimUnconventional resources presented by Dave Sobernheim
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Petrel E&P Software Platform
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