Producing Shale Plays

Use sophisticated technologies and services to improve production management for optimal productivity and field life.

Monitor, analyze, and forecast production data

OFM Well and Reservoir Analysis Software
Improve field performance through OFM software's advanced production surveillance views and production analysis and forecasting tools.

Monitor subsurface conditions in and behind casing

Wireline Cased Hole Services
Understand downhole flow, behind-casing conditions, and casing and tubular integrity.

Production Logging
Profile downhole flow comprehensively for three-phase flow environments—regardless of well deviation.

Well Testing Services
Find answers to questions about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties and composition, flow, pressure, and temperature.

Identify changes in the reservoir over time

Time-Lapse 4D Reservoir Analysis
Use feasibility modeling, optimal design, and interpretation of time-lapse (4D) seismic surveys to monitor reservoir changes in response to production.

DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging Service
Achieve up to 100 times the resolution of surface seismic data by placing the receivers and source in adjacent wells and imaging the interwell volume.

DeepLook-EM Crosswell Electromagnetic Imaging Service
Expand the scale of resistivity logging from near-wellbore to reservoir monitoring, measuring formation resistivity in wells up to 1,000 m apart.

Refracture to increase production

CoilFRAC Stimulation Through Coiled Tubing
Fracture multiple zones, including less economic zones that were previously bypassed, in a single trip without expensive workover operations.

ACTive Profiling Live CT Distributed Temperature Sensing Service
Acquire a 3D temperature profile of the entire wellbore in real time through fiber-optic-enabled CT, to monitor treatment fluid placement and well production performance.

StimMORE Fiber-Laden Diversion Fluid
Achieve effective fracture diversion with this degradable slurry pumped with the main treating fluid, eliminating costly intervention techniques.

AQUALIBRIUM Balanced Approach to Water Management
Minimize costs and environmental impact through proven technologies to treat, recycle, and dispose of produced and fracturing-flowback water.

Perforating Systems
Optimize production and injection through engineered gun systems and charges.

Reverse production declines through nondamaging scale removal

Jet Blaster Jetting Scale Removal Service
Clean your wellbore—including complex and delicate completion components—in one trip, using our engineered, high-pressure solution.

Boost production and extend reservoir life through artificial lift

REDA Maximus ESP System
Improve reliability with the revolutionary fully integrated or plug-and play ESP motor, protector, and gauge system.

Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems
Achieve more power and flexibility through a proven, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and customizable alternative to conventional industrial pumps.

Phoenix Artificial Lift Downhole Monitoring Systems
Monitor multiple key ESP parameters in real time to protect ESP system integrity, optimize well performance, and reduce costs.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
Provide reliable power, protection, and control to ESP and surface pumps; expand operating ranges; and prolong run life.

Improving Hydrocarbon Recovery of Horizontal Shale Wells

Candidate selection is a key in achieving economically successful restimulation.
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