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Choosing the right artificial lift method

For liquid-rich wells producing high volumes, artificial lift is necessary to maximize recovery. Attention to initial completion design and subsequent monitoring can help determine the ideal artificial lift method, from gas lift and rod lift to ESP.

Boosting production with improved reliability

New high-reliability ESP systems provide higher lift, superior efficiency, and reduced power consumption. Designed for harsh unconventional environments, these pumps operate smoothly at different production rates and fluid conditions, including at low-flow-rate and abrasive conditions.

Extending reservoir life and reducing costs

Cost-effective artificial lift solutions are available for low-flow-rate shale wells, as well as for watered-out, long perforated intervals. Gas lift, rod lift, and ESPs able to handle even ultralow flow rates can prolong the well’s productive life.

LiftPro Well Optimization Service

Optimize well-by-well for underperforming artificially lifted wells.

TorqMax Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit

Reduce lifting costs through lower torque and horsepower requirements in a range of applications, in particular shale wells.

FlexLift Low-Profile Pumping Unit

Achieve lift in agricultural areas with travelling overhead irrigation systems.

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