Characterizing Shale Plays

Acquire more data before drilling

Identifying whether a given shale play has good reservoir quality and where the likely sweet spots are located requires a detailed understanding and interpretation of available geological, geophysical, geochemical, and engineering data, from core to seismic. Our expertise in shale reservoir evaluation and interpretation leads to a more complete understanding of the shale play and thereby to more informed decisions, less uncertainty, and greater economic success, helping you to produce more with less.

Resource Assessment & Sector Development Planning

Using Seismic & Nonseismic Data

Rock & Fluids Analysis

Geomechanics & Stress Distribution

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Unconventional Resource Basins and Plays

HD Spectroscopy for
Shale Evaluation

Litho Scanner
The Litho Scanner service is the industry’s only stand-alone TOC determination, enabling accurate, direct measurement of carbon without models or laboratory analysis.
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